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  1. david craddock says:

    Hello my name is David Craddock and i would like to thank all of you for your on going work. I would also like to offer some support. I keep both the plough and harrow by Marry Stevens Park and the Duke William on Coventry Street which is the home of Craddock’s Brewery. I can offer wall space to display posters. There is a function room at the Duke which you are very wellcome to use free of charge. And as incentive for people to turn up we can do some kind of drinks promo. I hope this is of use and if there is anything that you wish to discus please contact me via my email.

    • Many thanks for the offer David, our winter diary will be decided in early September so I’m sure we could get a poster with those dates over to you then.

      As for the function room, I doubt there would be any major use for it at any run of the mill Pick’n’Pint event but it would be nice to use it as thank you to the volunteers for 2012 on a Sunday night in December as we did last year at The Plough and Harrow.

      Let us know your thoughts in that.


  2. david craddock says:

    better still call me on 07792980815

  3. Keith C.Mace. says:

    Hi,For several months I have been asking DMBC to deal with the unsightly mess of unlawful advertising hoardings alongside the Ring Road.All placed without planning consent.What a disgusting eyesore.In recent high winds one was uprooted and thrown onto the carriageway.DMBC ignore my communications,In the past I have had to direct my questions through my get an answer ! Some of these hoardings have been there for DECADES ! Mounted on scaffolding tubes. We must live in the most advertising blighted town anywhere—Only in our area could you see a pair of lorry tyres chained,padlocked and nailed to a tree. Yours,K.C.Mace.

  4. John Collins says:

    Please can you let me know when and where you are meeting on Sunday 12 September? Thank you.

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