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Waitrose Token Scheme

Posted: May 14, 2018 by tidystourbridge in Litter

Hi all ! Just in case you haven’t noticed but Tidy Stourbridge is featuring again this month in the Waitrose Community Matters scheme.
So let all your friends and the rest of our group know – we are already slightly ahead, specially after I dropped a whole hand full of tokens in !! Remembers, there is no limit to how many you put in.




Hooray – Back to a good turn out again!  Here we all are waiting to board a flight to Somewhere mysterious from Gate 1 apparently. Where is it going to be?

With thanks to the following enthusiastic volunteers!

Colin, Tony, Garry, David Colley, Geoff, Rachael, Matt, Craig, Roger the Dodger, Ivor, Andy, Sophie, Dawn, Dave, Judith, Janet, Vanessa, Allison (Lovely to have you back Allison.

Today was another Canal litter pick  and as we were picking up litter we had some happy smiling Yellow Army runners running in both directions. These are part of the team who David Colley runs with in aid of many different charities. David runs every day now with his running group. He was busy snapping photos of them along the route.

What a lovely change it was to have such jolly folk around while litter picking.

We collected a total of 18 bags which we left close to the Moor Street Canal Bridge and another 3 at the Dadford View end of the canal.

We also filled 1 complete compactor sack full of crushed cans.

We came across many cans, crisp packets, bottles plastic and glass, wet sodden clothing and sleeping bags.


Having a good chat afterwards is all part of the group. We are not all about moaning and groaning which may appear to be the case, but also supporting each other and having fun.


Friends of the Earth Launch

Posted: May 2, 2018 by tidystourbridge in Litter

Saturday 19th May 2018, 7-9pm at the Quaker House, Scotts Road, Stourbridge DY8 1UR

We have a speaker followed by a 40 minute  film, A Plastic Ocean, after there will be a discussion and refreshments.

Would be lovely to see you all.



Trying to communicate “Hello, Hello is there anybody there?”  Tidy Stourbridge calling Earth!

Well with thanks to those Communication Network Junction Boxes for somewhere to pose. Smile Please. Todays champions were as follows: Judith, David C, Dawn and Dave still out litter picking so not on the photo, Vanessa, Rachael, Pat and Andy.                             It was a lovely quiet evening for our litter pick, and a change to be by the canal. We had some lovely conversations with the geese, and had some enthusiastic joggers running past. To hear the welcome sound of bird chatter was lovely, peaceful and calming.

However, the same could not be said for the dog poo and lots of it. Most of it from large dogs I would say. In plastic bags – but chucked in the grass or up into the hedges.



1, 2, 3 “Can you see me?”

Today we collected 1x pair of men’s boots, 1 pillow case, 1 x nappy changing mat,  1 x bottom of a road cone, 1 Bag of crushed cans, 9 Rubbish Bags and another 2 that we added to later.



David and Vanessa.

On the opposite side of the  tow path by the corner of the bridge we could see a large build up of litter, bottles and cans. In the photo above, Vanessa and David ventured down the slope put the rubbish on the sill of the bridge and some of us retrieved it from there and placed into the bags. Latterly it became easier to throw some bags down to them for the litter to be placed directly into.



Now you see ME.  Thank you for this picture Vanessa.





Minutes and Accounts from April 2018 Meeting

Posted: April 19, 2018 by tidystourbridge in Litter

Please click on these links for details


Tidy Stourbridge Minutes

30710354_10155930732412702_5901056890271432704_n - Copy

Well, not enough time today to get everything done. Hardly touched it, but non the less – this was what was collected.

Not bad for just one person. He does  have his  spinach you know, and six Weetabix. Ok, just kidding.

There were 12 of us today. David C, Roger, Helen, ( We have missed you Helen!) Pat, Andy, Sarah, Gary, Tony, Geoff, Doug, Cllr Vanessa W, former Mayor, Cllr Mohammed Hanif.

1 x Double Mattress, 2 x Single Mattress, 30 Bags of rubbish, 1 x Tyre, 10 x 2 .5 Litre Tins of paint, 3 very large plastic yoghurt buckets, 1 x Thomas the Tank baby walker, 2 x bags of crushed cans.

Photograph curtesy of David Colley, as I  was unwell.

Tidy Stourbridge came together with The Amblecote Labour Rose for a Community Litter Pick. We were asked if we could let them have use of our equipment for the Litter Pick.

We met at the lower Sainsbury’s car park opposite the Petrol Station, close to the fields.

Some of the Tidy Stourbridge who were available came along to help with the process.

To Sainsbury’s:

Could I please put a huge shout out to “Kay” a member of Sainsbury’s staff  who when one of Tidy Stourbridge members went into to see if they could please loan us some bags as we had run out, and they very generously donated them to which we were so Grateful for. Thank  You from all of us from Tidy Stourbridge.





Tidy Stourbridge Volunteers were as follows:  David Colley, Vanessa, Doug, Craig, Roger, Alun, Judith, Rachael. Other volunteers from the community were as follows:  H, Terry, Aidan, Peter, Julie, Gaye, Chris B, Neil, Jon, Jan W, Jim, Sheila, Dave Gattey, Jan & Fred, Margaret and Martin, 




We had collected about 40 Bags + of rubbish. This was on a cold and damp evening. It is so lovely when we manage to have help from the community.  Many of the  people we encounter seem to be under the impression that we get paid for what we do. We do not – it is all voluntary. We have to pay for all of our equipment. We are a Not for Profit group.  One conversation over heard  from some passers by said they would not do anything for under £25. 00 per hour! So that speaks volumes I think.