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Tidy Stourbridge continued: Lye 8th Jan 2017

Posted: January 11, 2017 by tidystourbridge in Litter, News

Graham taking the photos – doing what he does best!

The bottom photo is an area we cleared – and the top left, a Christmas tree!

That’s all for now – may be?


Tidy Stourbridge January 8th Continued.

Posted: January 11, 2017 by tidystourbridge in Litter, News, PicknPint

For some reason this photo was missed off, so here it is.dsc_74711

With thanks to the following volunteers:

David, Colin, Garry, Geoff, Craig, Matt, Helen, Andy, Pat, Dawn, Vanessa, Steph, Holly, Rachael, Graham (Todays Photographer), and a welcome to our latest recruit Sophie C.

Approximately 26 Bags of rubbish, 2 sacks of crushed cans, 4 tyres, 1 office chair, 5 Green fabric/plastic bread or fruit vegetable boxes and other miscellaneous objects.

The general feelings are that not much has changed. it is sad to see Lye always in this state. For the newer members the feeling was  – how much rubbish is around. There are businesses who look after the outside premises and keep them clean as best as they can.  A few of the volunteers took the opportunity to cut back brambles in order to stop them encroaching on the footpath.

The next Tidy Stourbridge Litter Pick will be on Sunday 22nd January from 10.00am at The Thorns Inn, The Thorns, Quarry Bank, Dy5 2JY.


13932684_10154194893432702_6436391388864183766_nWhat we did not bargain for was this. Yes, you have guessed it. All filled with urine. Disgusting

We split up again looking for any areas that required attention. Some of the group worked as a team – others on a solo basis.

14067651_10154195121782702_2376476356625398965_nBefore as above.

14064031_10154195124817702_4140655268850153280_nAfter as above. It helps to see what we drag out from one area.

In total we collected the following: 4 wooden packing cases, fence posts with wire netting attached, 3 signs, upholstery foam, 1 divan bed, 1 bin full of crushed cans. 16 bags of rubbish. We did come across a settee but were unable to retrieve it as it was well and truly stuck behind a hedge down a dip.

Not a bad nights collection for 10 of us.


There seem to be some ghosts about this evening! Hey Ho, Hey Ho, its off to work we go!

The next Tidy Stourbridge Litter pick takes place on Wednesday 31st August at an earlier time of 6.30pm on account of the nights closing in.

Venue: We will meet up at The Ten Arches Car Park, Penfields Road, Stourbridge, DY8 4UZ. 6.30PM.

Winter Planning Meeting: The meeting will take place on Sunday 11th September. The Ten Arches, Penfields Road, Stourbridge, DY8 4UZ. Time: 7.30pm.

Bromley Street Lye DY9 8JA at its junction with the A458 The Hayes.


Behind the hoarding A458 The Hayes.


Green land off Lye bypass.


Fly Tipping just rotting away just off Lye Bypass.




A very warm, hot, claggy humid evening before we started our litter pick. Following the ritual start with the dual of the litter picks, we then set off in our various directions singing –

Hi Ho – Hi Ho,  Tis a litter picking that we go, Hi Ho Hi hoooooh Ohhhh!

A total of 13 of us managed to collect 23 bags of rubbish and apart from this and what you can see above, we also found 1 sleeping bag, 2 large signs 3 foot x 3 foot, several large pieces of plastic and 3 wheel hub caps. Also 1 disgusting black rubbish sack was found on the dual carriage way full of dirty nappies. There is no need for this – why do people do it. In the middle of the road???

We were longer out this evening . David took these photos, myself –  (Rachael) and Graham were not back when this photo was taken and 2 of the team had to leave before it was taken.

The usual drink cans, plastic bottles,  glass bottles, sweet / snack wrappers.

My thanks go out to all who turned up this evening as I know Davids thanks do.

The next litter pick will be on: Wednesday August 3rd at 7.00pm. Meeting at The River Rooms, Mill Race Lane, Stourbridge, DY8 1 JN




The evening started with the old spit spots of rain just as we were getting all of the equipment together. It looked like it would set in at one point – but it did not – at least not too much.

We were delighted to see such a turn out of support.

Cllr Paul Bradley asked if he could join us for the evening to see how we operated and as to what it was all about. He seemed rather delighted to see we were well organised.

We either went in pairs or went in our own different directions depending if any of us had anywhere specifically in mind.

The litter collected this week were the same types. Not as much by way of large items I am happy to report. It consisted of sweet wrappers, drink cans, small spirit bottles, many cigarette buts, fast food containers, plastic bottles, 2 tyres, 1 traffic cone, 20 Bags of litter.

So not a bad day, but most of the litter was quite small.

We were 14 Volunteers in all and 30 Martians, as Tim Peek could not make it.! (Sorry just testing to see if you are all still awake.)

**Saturday 2nd July at 9.00am we will be in Llangattock, Powys NP8 with the Llangattock Litterpickers.. ( An early start of 7.30am from the 10 Arches in Stourbridge..)

Otherwise, the next Litter pick for Tidy Stourbridge, will be Wednesday 6th July 7.00 pm, Corbett Hospital, John Corbett Drive, Amblecote, DY8 4BJ.

See you soon.


The Bonded Warehouse 24/01/16

Posted: January 26, 2016 by tidystourbridge in Litter, News, PicknPint

We had a combined effort today when Transition Stourbridge came along and helped us to tidy the rubbish and filth that is around our River Stour and the Canal. We came across many areas of rubbish. A huge thank you to all who came along to help. Many Thanks to Rosanne Adams.

The venue: The Bonded Warehouse, Canal Street, Stourbridge, DY8 4LU.:

Sunday 24th January 2016.

The Next date for Tidy Stourbridge litter pick is as follows: Sunday 7th February. 10.00am start. Corbett Hospital Gates, High Street, Amblecote, DY8 4DG.


Rubbish collected from Bradley Road


David and Geoff clearing some of the grot from the rubble.

12548989_10156417027255720_375292132415308039_n (more…)