With thanks to the following volunteers:

David, Colin, Garry, Geoff, Craig, Matt, Helen, Andy, Pat, Dawn, Vanessa, Steph, Holly, Rachael, Graham (Todays Photographer), and a welcome to our latest recruit Sophie C.

Approximately 26 Bags of rubbish, 2 sacks of crushed cans, 4 tyres, 1 office chair, 5 Green fabric/plastic bread or fruit vegetable boxes and other miscellaneous objects.

The general feelings are that not much has changed. it is sad to see Lye always in this state. For the newer members the feeling was  – how much rubbish is around. There are businesses who look after the outside premises and keep them clean as best as they can.  A few of the volunteers took the opportunity to cut back brambles in order to stop them encroaching on the footpath.

The next Tidy Stourbridge Litter Pick will be on Sunday 22nd January from 10.00am at The Thorns Inn, The Thorns, Quarry Bank, Dy5 2JY.



Volunteers today were: Craig, Aiden, Janet, Ivor, Liz, Roger, Sophie, Dawn, Roger, Geoff, Colin ,Maggie, Rachael, Helen, Mansoor.

We split into different locations again. This collection consisted of: 7 Bags of rubbish, 4 x carpets, 1 x  child’s bike ,1 x hose reel, 1 x Bar-B-Q,  1  x trolley, 1 x chair, 1 x blue plastic box, 1 x door, 1 x kitchen knife.  Cans: Overall amount for all 1 and 1/2 bags of crushed cans.



Below is what was collected at the bottom of Porlock Road.


1 x Fire door, collection of pallets, 2 road cones, 1 x  office chair, 5 bags of rubbish, 1 x plastic garden chair along with other miscellaneous rubbish.

Brompton Drive: Below:

5 Bags of rubbish + some branches that had to be cut away in order to reach the litter


Brompton 190317

Colin, Aiden and Sophie.( Roger took the photo.)

Above starting to assemble all the collection from around Snowden Road.

The next Tidy Stourbridge litter pick will be : Sunday 2nd April . Bagley Street Car Park, Lye, DY9 7AR.



A very productive day from the Tidy Stourbridge Litter Pickers with some new helpers.

We split up into 3 different groups.

Over 30 bags of rubbish. 1 For Sale sign, Remains of 1 Wheelbarrow. 1 Tyre, 3 Bicycle wheels, 1 x front car seat, 1 x rear car seat, plastic guttering, 1 vacuum cleaner, 2 x car wheels with tyres, 1 x large car tyre, 3 concrete posts, various pieces of metal etc.,

Many alcoholic drink bottles – vodka etc., lager and cider cans. 

Our volunteers today were: Matt, Craig, Graham, Tony, David, Roger, Geoff, Sophie, Dawn, Liz, Garry, Doug, Janet, Steph, Holly, Cathryn,  Joe, Nick and 2 Lads, Marris, Helen, Rachael.

The next date for your diary: Sunday 19th March, The Ten Arches, Snowdon Road, Stourbridge, Dy8 4uz at 10:00am – 11:45am.

Tidy Stourbridge Sunday 5th February 2017

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On a very cold and misty, murky, miserable morning these incredible volunteers came to make us feel better about our environment.

Due to a lack of litter on Sugar Loaf Lane, we split into two groups. Dursley Road at the back of Ridgewood School DY8 3LS, the second group met up close to the original spot on Sugar Loaf Lane by Highdown Nurseries.


Vanessa, Allison, Amy, Geoff, Sophie, Marris, Helen V, Ivor, Sarah, Steph, Helen, Janet, Roger, Pat, Dawn, Collin, Tony, Craig, Rachael ( Photo taken by.)



I had so many layers of clothes on I looked like a Heffalump and felt like one. When I returned home I did some exercise on my cross walker!


Dawn, Pat and Garry helping to collect into the bags.


As you can see, we collected a total of 2 Bags of rubble, 1 childs car, 1 large and one small tyre, Roofing material, a total of 24 compacter Bags of assorted rubbish, 1 cone,  Car seat, and the usual cans as you can see a sample of them.

You can see why we need sensible shoes, gloves and footwear. As it was so misty we were also glad of the reflective jackets.

The next venue is Sunday 19th February at the Bonded Warehouse, Canal Street, Stourbridge, DY8 4LU.. 10:00 am start.



Firstly, what an amazing turn out from the volunteers today. With thanks too: Andy, Roger, Sophie, Tony, Vanessa, Garry, Holly, Steph, Dawn, Geoff, Craig, Pat, Sarah, David, Janet, Helen V, Colin, Rachael.

The group were surprised as to how much litter we collected. A large quantity of crisp packets, biscuit pack wrappers, sweet wrappers, plastic bottles – this was the main part of 20 bags we collected, on top of which we collected more cans than you could shake a stick at ( that saying is for our older readers ) in total we had 2.5 very large bin bags of cans. Please realise these cans are squashed flat.

Some was collected from the Thorns Road itself, but the majority was from the old Park School, Thorns Primary School and the Thorns School. We fanned out and covered a large area.

We came across some lovely people to say Hello to who stopped and had a chat.

The next Tidy Stourbridge Litter Pick will be on Sunday February 5th at 10:00am at Sugar Load Lane/ Roman Road, Norton, DY7 6PS.



Tidy Stourbridge continued: Lye 8th Jan 2017

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Graham taking the photos – doing what he does best!

The bottom photo is an area we cleared – and the top left, a Christmas tree!

That’s all for now – may be?

Tidy Stourbridge January 8th Continued.

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For some reason this photo was missed off, so here it is.dsc_74711