Tomorrows weather looks good…

Posted: December 7, 2019 by tidystourbridge in Litter

We meet tomorrow at 1015am in Old Wharf Road DY8 4LY.

The guys will be selling raffle tickets for the funds… please be sure to purchase some.


Ridge Hill Return

Posted: November 25, 2019 by tidystourbridge in Litter
Our brilliant team today of 13 were; Dave, Dawn, Dave C, Vanessa, Alison, Jan, Doug, Colin, Gary, Rachael, Pat, Andy and Roger. We collected; 25 compactor bags full of rubbish, 6 car tyres, 6 lorry wheels, an unopened Amazon parcel, loads of wood, parts of from a number of cabinet drawers, large quantity of plastic, metal rods & poles and a traffic cone. As usual nowadays we phoned the Dudley MBC and this rubbish should be collected today including the very heavy lorry tyres.
Particular thanks to everyone who’s contributed to the raffle today whether it’s prizes or buying tickets – we’re now at around 15 prizes (a full list shortly) and more tickets are available from Dave, Alison or Jan – don’t miss out on this Raffle of the YearRidge Hill Pic 4.jpgRidge Hill Pic 3.jpgRidge Hill Pic 5.jpgRidge Hill 241119 Pic1.jpgRidge Hill Pic 2.jpg

Junction Road Junk

Posted: November 25, 2019 by tidystourbridge in Litter
Another excellent pick today with some decent weather as well. The 9 of us didn’t have any trouble finding plenty of fly-tipping and general rubbish including rubbish left after a kids Birthday party, builders bags of fly-tipping, 19 black bags of tree cuttings etc etc.
Our team of Helen, Dave C, Dave, Dawn, Pat, Andy, Gary, Colin and Roger collected 16 of our large compactor sacks of rubbish, 4 large builder bags, a large cabinet, supermarket trolley, suitcase, drainage pipes, clothing, 2 spring beds, large sheets of plastic plus rugs and carpets. The photos below show some of the team with this rubbish which we left in 2 piles for the Council to pick-up. All-in-all a very successful pick which the lads from Street Cleansing would be collecting later this afternoon.Junction Rd 2nd pile and Gary.jpgJunction Rd 1st Pile Team.jpg3 - 1 (28).jpg

The Authorities In Lye Are Failing

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The team went back into Lye for yet another litter pick on Sunday 27th October and were simply overwhelmed with rubbish and fly tipping yet again.

All Authority and respect for ones community is failing here for the few and it’s dragging the village down for the many.

Jackson Street 271019 uncollected Pic1.jpgJackson Street 271019 uncollected pic2.jpgJackson Street 271019 uncollected pic 3.jpgJackson Street 271019 uncollected pic 4.jpgJackson Street 271019 uncollected pic 5.jpgJackson Street Team 271019.jpgJackson Street 271019 Pic 3.jpgJackson Street 271019 Pic 1.jpgJackson Street 271019 Pic 2.jpg


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Due to a lack of transport, we will have to cancel tomorrow’s event 😢

Brompton Drive Clean Up

Posted: October 21, 2019 by tidystourbridge in Litter
Another excellent litter pick today where the team including 6 residents from around Brompton Drive did a great job finding a considerable amount of rubbish from around this green space. On the face of it as you look across the fields and trees of this very pleasant green space it looks very well kept and not in need of a litter pick. However when you start looking around the edges of the trees, footpaths and inside the clusters of trees there was plenty of rubbish to be found. 
The volunteers did a brilliant job getting all the litter out of those areas as you can see in the photos below – collecting 12 of our large compactor sacks of rubbish. The team today was; Rachael, Dave, Doug, Dawn, Curtis, Ellen, Jeremy, Aidan, Roger and local residents Rachael, Findley, Vince, Sam, Jamie and 7 year old Meia.
Brompton Drive Team 201019.jpgBrompton Drive Rubbish 201019.jpg

Extra Litter Pick

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Litter Pick Brompton Drive Newsletter Oct 19v2

The local Labour Party are holding a litter pick from 1015am on Sunday 20th October at Brompton Drive in Brierley Hill DY5 3NZ. See the link for more details.