Today we had an amazing group of volunteers. 25 in total – not all appear on the photo as it was rather late by the time the photos were being taken, so some had to leave earlier.   “Many Thanks” for all of your support this evening.

We were lucky to have 3 new volunteers tonight.

So – thanks to the following this evening. Gay P, Amy S, Steph P, Chris B, Tilly C, Paul G, Julie B, Pat, Andy, Garry, Tony, Geoff, Rachael, Roger, Craig, Sophie, Janet, Annabelle, Vanessa, Judith, Dawn, David, Graham, Alun, Colin. ( 25 Volunteers.)

20746767_782933215221944_489695412_oAre two younger volunteers – they do work hard. ( Best of luck girls.!)

Today we split into different directions again concentrating on the areas known to need tackling first.

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Don’t get to see me often – so thanks to Vanessa for taking this photo.



Todays catch of the day: 29 Bags, Various children’s toys, selection of buckets, 1 x Black artificial Christmas tree, 1 x old fashioned BBQ, 1 X Pushchair, 1 x double mattress, 1 x vehicle bumper, 1 x old roasting tin.

The next litter pick will be Jackson Street Car Park on Wednesday 23rd of August meeting up at: 6:45pm – 8:15pm. ( The earlier start is taking an to account of the sun setting earlier and so the light fading.


Good evening all -Tomorrows litter pick after early rain the forecast is very good for later tomorrow afternoon and evening.. See you at the litter pick folks.!



What an amazing turn out today from our lovely team of volunteers. With thanks to the following: Craig, Doug, David D, Dawn D, Sarah, Helen, Tony, David C, Garry, Geoff, Sophie C, Roger, Colin, Graham B, Margaret, Vanessa P, Judith, Steph, Ami S,  Rachael M.

To have this support from volunteers really helps with being able to transform an area in a short space of time. We are so lucky to have them.

We were thrilled when a very nice couple stopped by to ask if we were the ones who had litter picked by the Oakfield Centre some weeks back. I replied yes and she apologised for saying that she thought that it had been fly tipped. When someone said to her don’t you think it would not be nicely stacked up together if it was fly tipped, she could understand their point. She said next time – we have to go round for Tea and Cake! How nice to make a point of coming to find us to say “Thank You and sorry!”


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We split up into groups again and the amount we collected was left a two locations.


Davids Photo.

This was the second location for the rubbish to be collected. In this photo: Ami, Steph, Margaret, Helen, Dawn, Sarah, Vanessa, Colin. Photo taken by David C.

So, to recap, 1 X TV, Garden Chairs, 1 x Tyre,  Carpets, 5 x Signs, Vinyl floor covering, 5 settee cushions, Washing Machine piping, Plastic corrugated sheeting,  Drainpipes, Hanging Baskets, Umbrellas.

15 Bags of rubbish collected at the first location .

Second location rubbish as in this photo.

Our next litter pick will be on Wednesday 9th August 2017. Location Balds Lane, Lye. DY9 8SE. Time 7:00pm.




Our team of volunteers tonight were: Tony, Colin, Andi, Pat, Roger, Geoff, Rachael, Doug, Dave, Dawn, Sophie, Anna Belle, Craig, David C, Vanessa.


What a lovely group of eager and willing scouts came along to join us this evening. We could hear them happily enjoying themselves as they went along helping us.



( Here we are modelling our latest line in Tidy Stourbridge Jumpers – which we have all purchased one for our selves. Handed out on the night. )



As the streets were mostly residential we split into about 6 teams to cover as greater area as possible.

Karl Baxter the  main Scout Leader along with four other support leaders split the scouts into groups and they all set off working to a map we were all given.

Having had the opportunity to chat with the scouts upon their return it was interesting that the differing areas they went to tidy, had very different types of rubbish.  Some had plenty of bottles and cans, where as others it was crisp wrappers, sweet wrappers, others plastic bottles and bits of paper. Some came back with blocks of polystyrene.

The above photo looks like some discussion was taking place.



The above car wash very kindly let us collect our bags of rubbish together.


The rubbish collected amounted to about 16 bags of rubbish, 1 x shopping trolley, 1 office chair, 1 front facia panel to a Mercedes Car.



After one of the other groups of scouts had finished they all went to have a knock around with a football.


Here you can see them enjoying them selves. Thanks to all of you!



Karl Baxter along with two of the other leaders. We all say well done and many thanks to you for all of your endeavours. Full praise to you all.




New TS Sweatshirts Now on Sale

Posted: July 6, 2017 by tidystourbridge in Litter

Our new sweatshirts are on sale now to our regular volunteers for £15.00 or to anyone else for £25.00, they come in the colours pictured and in all sizes from S to XXL

To order, please email David @ tidystourbridgegroup@gmail.com

1The area we were to clear was around Mill Race Lane Estate.2

With thanks to KEDST AND STAFF and our Tidy Stourbridge volunteers: Roger, Judith, Geoff, Garry, Doug, Craig, David, Tony, Rachael.

If any of the students or staff would like to join us in the future – we will be delighted to see you.

It was with great appreciation that we were privileged to have had the Volunteer help of the KEDST  as part of the volunteering scheme.  We were joined by some of the students and Volunteer members of staff.

To have the students join us gave us the opportunity to let them see at first hand the type of litter that we come across.

Having some Spring Clean Blue bags supplied by Dudley Council, we then made sure that they were supplied with Litter Pickers, Hoops, Bags, Protective Gloves and green high visibility  tops.

Roger gave them a talk to begin with explaining all about us and as to how we operate.  We were mindful however as to the areas where we took them to as we did not want any clothes becoming snagged or torn.

They split into separate groups in order to cover a greater area.

We collected 10 bags of rubbish which were left for collection on the Mill Race Lane Estate and another 10 Bags were left on one of the Recycling Centre Car Parks.



That fooled you. Ha Ha.! I went back this morning Thursday 29th June to take the photos of the rubbish, but decided to take some photos of the lovely canal behind the Sampson & Lion Pub. It’s good sometimes to put a little bit of balance back into our lives. We did walk along the canal but I have to say – it was looking very good. We did come across a child’s red plastic pedal car which a canal boat owner pulled out of the water the day prior on the Tuesday.


You looking at me? Yes – and how lovely you both look!



How lovely this looks. Clean and tidy – as I say we cleared some litter, but in general the tow path was looking very good.



Tidy Stourbridge Volunteers today were, Craig, Tony, Andy, Pat, Dawn, David, Garry, Roger, Alun, Sophie, Sarah, Margaret, Helen, Rachael,  Joy, Geoff.


To the left – Even on the way back to the car park after the litter pick – still finding stray items of litter.



This week we collected 20 Bags of litter – rubbish,  the Red Plastic child’s pedal car, Rear car parcel shelf, packaging,  metal framework for a Road sign, electrical parts of an old fridge.

In general the main culprits were: Many crisp packets, sweet wrappers,  Lager cans, Soft drink cans,  a Casserole Bowl and lid, Glass bottles – Soft Drinks and alcoholic bottles, plastic bottles –  along with items of food packaging, very small plastic bags,  black rubbish bags.

What did make it very difficult this time was trying to collect cans and rubbish bags once the mowers have shredded everything, but it does need to be cut back. What is the solution. Do you litter pick an area first – and then say – now you can cut the grass, on the other hand – you can’t access items as well if an area has not been cut! Dilemma! What would you do?

The Tesco blue tokens are still available from the Tesco Bags of Help. This is for our Project Garden and Car Park Upgrade Voting closes on the 30th June – so please ask for the tokens and Vote for Tidy Stourbridge!

We are doing a Litter Pick on Friday 30th this week joining King Edwards College as part of their KEDST Volunteer Day. The meeting time will be 9:00am from the large car park on Mill Race Lane.  Happy Litter Picking folks!

Other wise, the next Litter Picking date for Tidy Stourbridge will be: Wednesday 12th July 2017 Time:7:00pm Venue to meet up. Wollaston Park – by the Gigmill Pub.