What a lovely evening for the litter pick. We decided the best place to park was the far side of The Premier Inn Car Park.  We covered all areas.  – but I have to say that the car parks were looking very good in general – but we did make a point of cleaning up what we could see – as we were using their car park.. The areas for concern were the other sides of their boundary fences. We covered up to the Ring Road off  Birmingham Street,  Stepping Stones.


Here you see us. Yes, we are bemused. “Where has all the rubbish gone?” And what has happened to our Afternoon Tea and cakes.


Ah, look – here’s the rubbish!


Still no tea and cakes, well you can’t win them all, oh well off to the pub after for some glasses of water.


With thanks to todays volunteers. David C, Pat, Andy, Craig, Alison, Colin, Geoff, Steff Amy, Rachael, Roger, Doug, David, Dawn, Garry,  Vanessa                                                                                   ( Thanks for taking the photo this week Vanessa. )


Waiting  for the rest to arrive to have the photos taken.


All hands on deck to start loading the van.


Steff in the white – has been with us for over a year now. Thank you to the girls for their continued support. We enjoy having you – and it makes a welcome change to have younger conversations taking place with in the group.



Can you spot another vehicle exhaust?



5 Plasic blue large containers we found.



1 very badly corroded metal container.


One fridge in the line up.



Taking notes.




Rubbish total. 5 x  Blue big drums, 1 x  fridge, 1 x  Tyre,  1 x exhaust pipe, 2 x  Traffic cones, 1 x bag of crushed cans,  23 x bags of rubbish. + Other sundry items.

Next Tidy Stourbridge Litter Pick, Wednesday 28th June. Sampson & Lion Wordsley.

Tescos are still having the blue token scheme, so please remember to vote for us.!



May 31st 2017 Tidy Stourbridge (2)

This was a very steep bank and this was us at the bottom having found a track down.  The amount of litter and rubbish and variety had us puzzled at times.   What unusual items did we find I hear you ask?  Well the most perplexing was that of a 1 x complete Exhaust System that came from that of a large van. It was so heavy it took at least six of us to carry it up the bank in stages. Pass the parcel.  Below is a photo of the Exhaust.


It was so large, some of it is hidden at both ends either by grass or the other rubbish.

The other items of interest were 1 heavily quilted bag in the shape of a LARGE trainer approximately 75cms x 75cms. 1 item was just the bottom part of an upright vacuum cleaner. Another one was a Very large part of a phone being about 10 / 12 inches in length and this is just the part you hold next to your ear. It was black and flat, attached to this were very rigid long lengths of wire which were then attached to coloured cabling which must have been wrenched away from something.


So to see the bags: About 18 / 23 bags as some were added after this was taken.  We also collected 1 x large compacter sack full of crushed drink cans, which is a huge amount of cans.  This rubbish includes litter picking along the length of the road than passes under the bridge going towards the top of Junction Road and also the area at the back of this photo being the area behind the railings, being the outer perimeters of the grassed areas.

DSCN5671 (2)



The Tidy Stourbridge volunteers tonight were: Sarah, Tony, David C, David, Dawn, Judith, Garry, Sophie, Rachael, Geoff and 1 other. This evening some of the group had to leave at differing times, but thanks to every one who came.

The next Tidy Stourbridge Litter pick will be: Wednesday 14th June – Brewers Fayre, Birmingham Street, ( From the Ring Road to the Viaduct including Stepping Stones.)





Approximately 13 X  bags of litter and 1 X Black Dustbin and 1 x planter pot.


With thanks to our volunteers: Judith, David, Dawn, Geoff, Tony, Craig, Sophie, Vanessa, Steph, Helen, Alun, Roger, David, Rachael.



We still need your votes for the Tesco Bags of help. Tesco Stourbridge Crown Centre DY8 4AJ , Audnam  Stourbridge Express DY8 1YD. (The Oldswinford Express DY8 1RD – does not seem to be operating the scheme. ) Please remember to ask at the check outs for the tokens. We need all the help we can get!

This litter pick date was to replace the previous Wednesday that had heavily rained.


We set off picking up only little amounts of litter from the car park, as this was looking not too bad. Then the group slit up and picked up litter up and down the road which was not too bad either.

Then it was decided to cross over from the Car park over the road –  and to pick up the litter on the pathway going over the footbridge that crosses the river.

I began pulling my trolley through the path with tall grass either side and the path narrowing considerably towards the centre area. The wheel on the right started to rise up along the grass bank as if it was caught in a groove riding higher and higher like being in a velodrome . Just at this point in time, a group of runners came along and had to run up the grass bank above the level of the wheel. I have to hand it to them for their dexterity. I was very impressed with them.

As a group although we had the odd pockets of litter – it was a much improved area, so we had an earlier finish.

Our next litter pick date will be Wednesday 31st May  at Junction Road Stourbridge. (Junction with Coney Green DY8 1JX)

Please be advised of the following: Extra Litter Pick date: On Friday 30th June; King Edwards V1 College students from the Mill Race Lane car park near the             college starting at 9.00am for about 2 hours.





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We apologise to anyone who turned up this evening expecting a litter pick of Bagleys Street, Lye. The meeting was cancelled earlier in the day due to a very poor weather forecast but we were unable to update the website in time.

If anyone would like to join our SMS message list which sends out information in real time, please email all mobile numbers to tidystourbridgegroup@gmail.com.

Today meeting has been put back to Wednesday 24th May at 7pm

Ring road Fly Tipping, A broken Planter & A Spot of Gardening

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Pic 1

Tidy Stourbridge’s new Sail Flag purchased via donations.

The location for this extra litter pick on Sunday 14th May 2017 was a little different. On the Stourbridge Ring road about 50yards down from Aldi as you head towards Wollaston. The van had to be parked on the Grass / footpath. Best postcode was DY8 1AQ.

We were there to remove one very large wooden planter which had been vandalised. We removed the damaged bottom and side pieces first, and then preceded to get one of our trollies underneath each end and use the trolleys to support the weight of the planter. The next challenge was to raise it up and into the back of the van. Well, job nicely done.

We then set about clearing some items from the grassy areas not far from the van. Also litter was removed from along by Aldi’s and the Police Station.

The next task was to remove some of the growth from the sides of the verge area.20170514_110106[4173]


This is the latest dance craze. We were dancing to music!


Pic 6

Seem to have quite a few people who are looking for their top half.

Pic 7Pic 8.

Volunteers today were: Roger, Maris, Pat, Janet, Vanessa, Alison, Craig, Andi, David C, David H, Rachael,  Tony, Geoff.

1 Very large Teddy Bear, 2 push chairs, 2 golf bags, 6 Suit cases – of which 2 were taken by someone, 1 Printer, 1  1/2 Glass fronted cupboard, 1 Baby Car seat, 3 pillows, 1 carpet, 1 Road Cone and miscellaneous items. 43 Bags of rubbish of which some did have the grass clearing residue in and brambles etc.

I think we were just in The Generation Game?

Looking for volunteer help this coming Sunday.

Location: The location on Sunday 14th May for the work we are doing is the  Stourbridge Ring Road verge about 50yds down from Aldi as you head towards Wollaston. Probably the best access is along Market Street and past Waitrose to the dead end of the road and then drive on to the grass/footpath. Best Postcode is DY8 1AQ.



The Oakfield Centre is still locally otherwise known as Hawbush Community Centre.

Yet another great turn out as the Mock Exams are upon some of our younger members. We wish you all the best of luck!!


With thanks to: Dawn,  David, Tony, Garry, Ivor, Allan, Alison, Craig, Colin, Roger, David C, Judith, Helen, Doug, Margaret, Sophie, Pat, Andie, Rachael, Geoff.

Is that one of those Land Speed Rocket Car by the shop?

With 24 Bags of rubbish and 1 Wheelbarrow, 1 Melted Road Cone, and plenty of other miscellaneous items.

We went off into differing directions yet again. In areas lots of little tiny items: Bottle tops, sweet wrappers, crisp packets. Some areas where the hedges were cans and the odd glass bottle could be found. The odd area it was felt we need to go and have another crack at later on in the year.

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Eyes to the right – and – Eyes to the left!. I, I, Captain!



All the ‘Eyes’ captain.  The next litter pick will be Wednesday 17th May, at 7.00pm at Bagley Street/ Stour Valley ( Bagley Street, Lye DY9 7AR. The car park gets pretty busy weekday evenings so you may have to go hunting for a space!