Bevan Road Dumping Ground

Posted: August 7, 2019 by tidystourbridge in Litter
This was one of our biggest collections of rubbish for sometime.
There are some before and after photos from the section that Colin, Gary and Roger completed, but overall it was another incredible effort by the team (12)
Rachael, Sarah, Dave, Gary, Colin, Pat, Andy, Tony, Judith, Doug, Jan and Roger. Amongst the rubbish was 4 tyres, a 2-seater sofa, stuffing out of a chair, a pallet, a number of doors, a fridge, load of metal, a TV and over 20 of our large sacks full of other rubbish.
It was so bad we are going back to Bevan Road to collect some more on Thursday 15th August but starting at 6.30pm.
Bevan Road Rubbish 1.jpgBevan Road Rubbish 2.jpgBevan Road Team 2.jpgBevan Road Team 1.jpgBevan Road After 1.jpgBevan Road After 2.jpgBevan Road After 3.jpgBevan Road Before 1.jpgBevan Road Before 2.jpgBevan Road Before 3.jpgBevan Road Before 4.jpg

5 Fill 5

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Another warm sunny evening greeted the small team at Wynall Lane on Wednesday 3rd July but there was very little rubbish to be found.

The small team of 5 headed for the copse next to the doctors surgery on the Queensway and the Dobbins Oak Road.

There was plenty of rubbish to be found in the long grass off Dobbins Oak Road and a sack was filled by each volunteer within an hour.


Pear Tree Lane Clean Up, But I Wouldn’t Eat The Pears!

Posted: July 22, 2019 by tidystourbridge in Litter

Another incredible effort by the team last night of 12 volunteers – Judith, Dave, Doug, Rachael, Sophie, Pat, Andy, Tony, Alun, Helen, Gary & Roger. Peartree Lane and the Trading Estate in Crackley Way were in a terrible state but much better after we’d filled over 20 of our large sacks with rubbish of all kinds including bits of cars, 4 large plastic bottles of urine, 3 x 5 litre plastic bags of very smelly egg liquid plus a TV flat screen.and a road sign.

A brilliant effort on an otherwise very pleasant evening.UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_27c9.jpg

Stourbridge in Bloom Presentation

Posted: July 22, 2019 by tidystourbridge in Litter
We’ve had some excellent feedback after our work for the Stourbridge in Bloom entry.
The team will remember this was very hard work in deed when we where removing all that embedded weed and ivy on the edge of the ring road plus the repair of the large planter.
David Harcourt (Stourbridge in Bloom organiser) reported back after the judging by Mark Wiltshire (Heart of England coordinator and Judge) that he was clearly very impressed by the amount of rubbish we all clear and the role we all play within the community.
Rachael, Doug and Roger of Tidy Stourbridge who spoke to the judge weren’t surprised by his remarks because of all the questions, comments and note making he made, they felt he very much accepted the role the team were trying to play in Stourbridge and our surrounding area.
Sometimes when we’re out there picking up all this rubbish in the same places year after year we wonder why we do it, but Tuesday was one of the reasons we do. The camaraderie from within the team and through our incredible support for each other and hard work. It was also good to meet up with Dave Wesson (Head of Street Cleansing Dudley MBC) again after all his help initially in supplying some of our equipment.
We won’t know the outcome until the awards ceremony in September, but we can all be extremely proud of the work we’ve done to improve Stourbridge and the surrounding area.
Stourbridge in Bloom Volunteers.jpgStourbridge in Bloom pic 2.jpg

Lush Collection Tin

Posted: June 25, 2019 by tidystourbridge in Litter

Thanks to our stand at Lush in The Merry Hill Centre, £32.09 was dropped into our tin at the weekend. We await the main total from the sales of their charity pots.

Can we thank, Maris, Rachael, Doug, Craig, Roger, Vanessa, David & Janet who all gave their own time to help out here.

.UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_2ac.jpgdownload.pngTS at Lush Pic3.jpgTS at Lush Pic4.jpgTS at Lush Pic5.jpgTS at Lush Pic8.jpgTS at Lush Pic9.jpgTS at Lush Pic6.jpgTS at Lush Pic10.jpgTS at Lush Pic13.jpgTS at Lush Pic7.jpgTS at Lush Nessa.jpg

Addison Road

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Another excellent turnout on Thursday for the pick in Addison Road, Brierley Hill where we collected over 20 of our large sacks for rubbish, plus rolls of very smelly carpet, large form pad and metal sheet, plastic car parts, a complete door, wire basket and loads of plastic as usual. This was collected from around Addison Road including near the cemetery and along the canal (please see picture of Doug folding-up his boat). Our team of 14 included Doug, Dave, Dawn, Andy R, David, Pat, Judith, Rachael, Sarah, Gary, Tony, Vanessa, Roger and the return of Andy who helped us at the Saltwells pick.
Thanks for another brilliant effort form our amazing group.
Addison Rd Pic1.jpgAddison Rd Pic2.jpgAddison Rd Pic3.jpgAddison Rd Pic4.jpg

2019 GGT poster 2.jpeg

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