Thorns School Area Clear Up

Posted: March 20, 2023 by tidystourbridge in Litter

Another tough litter pick on Sunday 19th March as a lot of the rubbish we collected was in thick undergrowth with very sharp brambles.

We collected 12 bags of rubbish and our 10 volunteers worked extremely hard in the time we had to get that rubbish from down the pathway at the side of Thorns Academy.

This was all the usual type of rubbish left by children – cans and bottles of pop (plus wine & cider) and vast quantities of plastic bags (sweet and food bags) plus a homework folder which we’ll return to the school. We will also inform the school of the rubbish we couldn’t get inside the fencing. 

Our team of Dave, Dawn, Pam, Ivor, Tony, Martin, Linda, Val, Doug and Roger did a brilliant job.

Next litter pick Sunday 2nd April at Sainsburys, Amblecote.

Wollaston Cubs Help Out

Posted: March 7, 2023 by tidystourbridge in Litter

Last Sunday 5th March we were litter picking with Wollaston Cubs and their parents, so we had a very good turn out of 30 volunteers.

Rubbish was found down Gibbet Lane although this was difficult to access due to the traffic in the lane. Despite this it was an excellent litter pick with brilliant work from the cubs and TS volunteers as can be seen from the photos below.

The teams included Cubs; Darren, Jessica, Ruby, George, Freya, Henry. Matilda, Arthur, James and Jim and TS  volunteers Jan, Dave, Dawn, Doug, Helen, Pam, Martin, Ivor, Linda, Val, John and Roger. 

In the rubbish collected today were; 20 bags of general rubbish, 2 doors, kids car seat, a traffic sign and an oil drum.

Thanks to everyone for a great job.

Next Litter Pick – 19th March – Thorns Academy School, off Acres Rd/Stockwell Ave DY5 2YA

Norton Litter Pick

Posted: March 4, 2023 by tidystourbridge in Litter

We are out on Sunday 5th March at 10am in Dunsley Road, Norton. DY8 3LS.

All welcome to join us, equipment will be supplied.

Wordsley Litter Pick

Posted: February 20, 2023 by tidystourbridge in Litter

ASHWOOD PARK LITTER PICK and the green space between Ryder Street and Foxhills Road

SATURDAY, MARCH 4, 2023 AT 10:30 AM – 12 PM

Kinver Street, Stourbridge, DY8 5, United Kingdom

Duration: 1 hr 30 min

Friends of Wordsley Parks would like to invite you all to a litter pick. Please come along and bring your family and friends. Litter picks, bags and gloves will be provided. We will meet at the play area. MEETING AT KINVER STREET PARK. 

Wollescote Clean Up

Posted: February 20, 2023 by tidystourbridge in Litter

Another difficult Sunday litter picking – this time in Wollescote where we had to split the team into 2 because despite a lot of rubbish near the Pharmacy in Oakfiled Rd there was even more down the gulley in Hilltop.

Fortunately Dawn had done a great job finding the fly-tipping in Hilltop as well as by the Pharmacy which can been seen in the photos below. The Pharmacy team included Tony, Ivor, Linda, Val, Jan (and Henry), Jon and Roger plus newcomer Pam and at Hilltop was Dawn, Dave, Martin, Gary, Jan & Chris. Apologies for missing Gary, Jan and Chris off the photos.

This brilliant team of 14 collected in the woodland by the Pharmacy 15 blacks of rubbish, a child’s bike, 1 tyre, a load of plastic guttering, stop sign, pillow etc and even more at Hilltop – another 15 bags, 6 tyres (some complete wheels), mattress, fridge freezer, large bed cover, plastic piping and bucket, bits of metal etc etc.  

Next Litter Pick – 5th March Dunsley Road, Wollaston/Norton (back of Ridgewood School) when Wollaston Scouts will be joining us.

Next Litter Pick

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Weather looks good for Sunday’s litter pick at Oakfield Road, Wollescote (start from pull-in by Wychbury Medical Centre, 121 Oakfiled Road DY9 9DS 10am

Mason Metals Donation

Posted: February 7, 2023 by tidystourbridge in Litter

Many thanks to Mason Metals of Two Woods Lane in Brierley Hill who kindly donated £300.00 to Tidy Stourbridge today.

This sum of money will keep us insured and more for another year.

Forgotten Rat Run

Posted: February 7, 2023 by tidystourbridge in Litter

Thanks to our absolutely brilliant team of 16 on Sunday 5th February as we completed one of our biggest litter picks we’ve ever done in Two Woods Lane Brierley Hill

The team of Dawn, Dave, Doug, Martin, Tony, Ivor, Helen, John, Jas, Stuart, Chris, Jan H, Jan S (Henry her dog) and Roger plus new members Linda & Val did a magnificent job collecting over 40 bags of rubbish.

The team collected a garden parasol, 4 shopping trolleys, springs from a mattress, a traffic cone, flat screen TV, fridge, car parts, 2 complete sets of car keys, loads of plastic and metal and 4 trailer loads of rubbish from the back of the Home Sense car park.

Also in that area we found a drugs den which we will report to the police.

Special thanks to Doug and Martin for collecting the 4 trailer loads

In the photos below we’ve got Jas & Stuart plus a separate photo of Linda, Val, Helen & John and finally one showing, Tony, Martin, Jan H, Chris, Jan S, Henry, Ivor, Dave and Dawn. The rubbish pictures show the extent of our work and what the place was like before we started.

We’ll provide a copy of this report to the firms around this area and hope they at least have a word with their own staff and maybe have a look at some of the areas around their premises.

Next Litter Pick – 19th Feb – Oakfield Road, Wollescote (start from pull-in by Wychbury Medical Centre, 121 Oakfiled Road DY9 9DS)

And remainder of our schedule to early April (all starting at 10am) is as follows:-


5 – Dunsley Road, Wollaston/Norton

19 – Thorns Academy, Thorns


2 – Sainsburys, Amblecote


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It was another very cold day on Sunday for The Magnificent Seven – Dave & Dawn, Doug, Dave W, Tony, Ivor and Roger at Penfields Road (Cycle Pathway to High Street).

Although short on numbers, there was no shortage of effort with another one of our extreme litter picks involving Doug setting up his climbing ropes and a ladder to climb down to the rubbish.

We collected. 15 bags, 1 traffic cones, electrical equipment, 8 shopping trolleys, a road sign, a mattress and bits of metal. Most of this rubbish was below the bridge just off the Cycle Pathway to the High Street.

The photos below show the set-up, the rubbish below the bridge, collecting the rubbish, how good the area looked afterwards and our brilliant team.

Apologies to Ivor for missing him off the photo.

Next Litter Pick – Sun 5th Feb Two Woods Lane, Brierley Hill 

Hawbush Clean Up

Posted: January 9, 2023 by tidystourbridge in Litter

It was a cold day with heavy rain for the Magnificent Seven (Dave & Dawn, Martin, John C, Helen, Dave W and Roger) on Sunday at the Hawbush Community Centre.

Although short on numbers for our first pick of 2023, there was no shortage of rubbish collected. – 17 black bags, 2 traffic cones, a battery, picnic chairs, old washing machine, umbrella, shopping trolley, signs and bits of metal.

This rubbish was from around the Centre, the left-side of Brettell Lane (heading towards Brierley Hill) and the car park of the New Wellington pub.

We were unable to get all the rubbish out of the trees opposite the Centre because of the considerable ground cover in amongst the trees. Still a good haul though as can be seen by the photos below.

Next Litter Pick – 22nd Jan – Please note the suggestion is to park in Bredon Rd (off Penfields Rd) and walk down the cycle path towards Amblecote High St. The rubbish is off this path by the bridge.