War graves Clearance

Posted: April 25, 2022 by tidystourbridge in Litter

On Sun 24th April we joined 12 members of the Quarry Bank War Graves and Wildflowers team clearing the brambles and litter around the graves in Victoria Rd Cemetery, Quarry Bank.

Our TS volunteers were Dave, Dawn, Doug, Rachael, John and Roger.

It was quite a task and from the photos below it is possible to see some of the brambles that were cleared and the results of our labours. Besides the brambles we also picked up 20 bags worth of rubbish plus a small armchair, part of a traffic cone, a broken pair of loppers, broken glass and some bits of metal.

At the end after a great mornings work the teams were rewarded by tea, coffee and biscuits from a grateful member of Victoria Road.

PS next litter pick 8th May Harrison Rd/Swanfield Rd, Hawbush, DY8 5XB

Lowndes & Bradley Road

Posted: April 19, 2022 by tidystourbridge in Litter

This pick, which was around Bradley Road and in the wooded area of Wollaston Rec was not as bad as the last one near Birmingham Street but it was still quite difficult in parts.

The fenced off area near the Lion Health Centre was bad and difficult to get into, but Martin managed it and with Doug’s help got about 1/2 dozen bags of rubbish out.

Most of the rest of us were in the Rec, which was very steep in the woods and most of the rest of the rubbish was collected there.

Altogether the team did another great job collecting 20 black bags of rubbish, parts of a steel barrier, traffic cone and 2 very heavy rubber sheets. Jan and her dog Henry also found in a kids den at the end of Bradley Road a bag with 3 new pairs of trainers inside. This bag has been taken to Brierley Hill Police Station and they provided us with a receipt.

Our excellent team of 12 were Dave and Dawn, Dave W, Rachael, Doug, Tony, Ivor, Julia, Martin, Jan (and Henry) and Roger. 

New Dates For The Diary

Posted: April 12, 2022 by tidystourbridge in Litter

10am Sundays unless stated

Following a meeting on Sunday 10th April, the following events have been arranged. These are weather dependant and we will cancel any event due to a poor weather forecast before 6pm the evening before.

Please keep your eye on this website, Twitter, or the Tidy Stourbridge, Streetlifers of Stourbridge and Stourbridge Matters groups on Facebook.

17th April Lowndes Road, Stourbridge DY8 3SW

24th April Victoria Road Cemetery, Quarry Bank DY5 1DB  (with Saltwells Green & Clean Team)

8th May Harrison Rd/Swanfield Rd, Hawbush, DY8 5XB

22nd May Junction Road, Stourbidge DY8 1LB

5th June Engine Lane, Lye DY9 7AQ

19th June Lower Valley, Hawbush DY5 3NP

3rd July Bredon Rd/Penfields Rd, Penfields DY8 4LA

17th July Brook Crescent, Wollescote DY9 9BG

31st July Addison Road, Brierley Hill DY5 3RY

14th August Birmingham Street, Stourbridge DY8 1JH 

Towns Namesake Is A Dumping Ground

Posted: April 5, 2022 by tidystourbridge in Litter

We found an incredible amount of fly-tipping today on the River Stour bank alongside Birmingham Street on Sunday 3rd April 2022 and the team did an exceptional job in clearing it all from one of the most challenging litter picks we’ve ever attempted. 

Our brilliant team of 12 was Dave and Dawn, Dave W, Rachael, Doug, John, Tony, Gary, Jennifer, Chris, newcomer Jan and Roger.

We collected 20 large black bags of rubbish, a large number of broken-up kitchen cupboard units, a large 3-seater sofa in 3 parts, traffic cone, an endless number of hifi bits and pieces, 4 large LCD TVs, heavy worktops, a vast quantity of metal and foam bits, a ceramic toilet (no seat), 2 headboards, part of a council bin and an off-white keep left bollard.

Due to the difficulty in getting at this rubbish and the amount, we finished at 1.30pm about 2 hours later than normal. The pictures show our team and apologies to John, Jennifer and Chris that we didn’t get them on the photos.

We had to abseil down the steep river bank (one photo shows the rubbish being hauled up the bank) to get at most of this fly-tipping and a BIG thank you to Doug for bring his climbing ropes and setting-up the pulley system. Also thanks to Dave and Dawn for their brilliant work on the river edge in sorting out the rubbish to be hauled-up. The last few photos show the river bank before and after clearance of the fly-tipping.

An extra special thanks to the Gentleman who lived in the Stepping Stones house over looking the road who bought us 2 flasks of coffee and one of hot chocolate plus biscuits and cups to sustain us in this mammoth effort – most generous and welcome.

Next meet is at the Robin Hood pub on Sunday (10th April) at 7pm for our Spring/Summer litter pick Planning Meeting – all volunteers welcome especially with any ideas where to pick over the next 4 months. 

Mill Race Lane Again & Again & Again…

Posted: March 23, 2022 by tidystourbridge in Litter

A great turnout on Sunday 20t March for the Mill Race Lane litter pick and plenty of rubbish collected from some quite difficult places to litter pick.

Our brilliant of 14 was Dave and Dawn, Dave W, Rachael, Ivor, Doug, Julia, Martin, Maris, Helen, John, Jana plus Theo (4 years old) and Roger.

We collected 28 black bags of rubbish, part of a shopping trolley, 2 traffic cones, kids car seat, 8 syringes plus various pieces of plastic and metal some of which were retrieved from the River. Apologies to Helen, Jana and Theo for missing you off the photos below.

On Sunday evening Rachael, Dave, Dawn, Maris and Roger joined Jana’s Water Awareness event at the Claptrap in High St Stourbridge. It was an excellent event and really got over the importance of our waterways and oceans to the survival of our planet and the need to ensure in particular that plastics don’t pollute this vital resource. It also helped us promote the work of Tidy Stourbridge in removing rubbish before it gets into our water systems and we were well received by a full audience at the Claptrap. 

Next litter pick will be on Sun 3rd April starting at 10am and will be covering the green area from the Viaduct to Stamford Road that runs adjacent to Birmingham Street. Best parking is by turning right into Sandyacre Way then immediately right again into old Birmingham St  DY8 1JH. The van will be parked across the road on a small green spot.

Collis Street Clean Up

Posted: March 11, 2022 by tidystourbridge in Litter

Another fantastic litter pick on Sunday 6th March at Collis Street Amblecote where we were joined by Julia, Martin, Matt and Clive regulars from The Robin Hood.

It was a real bonanza of rubbish, some of which had been lying around in the undergrowth for years. Our full team of 11 – Dave and Dawn, Dave W, Rachael, Ivor, Doug, Julia, Martin, Matt, Clive and Roger – did a brilliant job collecting rubbish from thick undergrowth from around the car park, the woods nearby, on the Rec, along Collis St, and even from the Coalbourne Brook.

We collected 28 black bags of rubbish, which we filled mainly with bottles and cans (some party), an Aldi Trolley (in excellent condition), a broken very large glass mirror, a complete barbecue, broken garden chair, large cigarette bin, part of a road barrier and various bits of metal.

Afterwards we retired to the Rood Hood where we were treated to a lovely variety of sandwiches from their great staff.

Next litter pick will be on 20th March at Mill Race Lane, DY8 1JN starting at 10am.

Two Woods Lane Take 2

Posted: February 22, 2022 by tidystourbridge in Litter

The team were back in Two Woods Lane again on Sunday 20th February and the bottom part of the road (near Merry Hill) was much worse than we thought.

We were fortunate that we didn’t have to contend with too much rain and considering the weather of the last few days we had a very good turnout. Our team of Dave, Rachael, Helen F, John F, Gary, Doug, Ivor, John C, Steve (a new volunteer) and Roger were brilliant.

Sorry we didn’t manage to get everyone on the photo below but you can see the vast amount of rubbish we collected including; 20 bags of rubbish, a flat screen TV, a very large old TV, a large corporate sign, a very heavy worktop, load of metal, kids car seat, carpet, a large garden parasol, 2 syringes and 10 full can bags.

The last photo shows the alleyway before we started to clear it up and we also used Doug’s ropes again to get a load of the rubbish that was down the bank. Despite all this that we collected there’s still more which we may look to collect in the spring. 

The next pick on 6th March will be from the Collis Street Car Park DY8 4EQ 

Two Woods Lane Yet Again

Posted: February 7, 2022 by tidystourbridge in Litter

After a lot of earlier morning rain, we were fortunate that we hardly and any during our litter pick in Two Woods Lane, Brierley Hill.

This was very welcome when we realised that we faced a horrendous task to clear this mess in Two Woods, which was made worse with most of the rubbish being covered by thick undergrowth of very sharp thorny bushes. The loppers came in very useful and the rakes we had.

The team of 10 of us set about this task brilliantly after we mainly decided to tackle the Mill Street end of the Lane. We welcomed new team member John Collins plus regulars Dave and Dawn, Rachael, Helen F, John F, Gary, Doug, Ivor and Roger.

The rubbish we collected included 25 large and small bags of rubbish, 3 large bags of cans, traffic cone, gas bottle, car tyre, bits of metal, load of plastic, downstairs loo small washing sink and 10 syringes (which we must report to the police).

We now go back to Two Woods Lane on Sunday 20th Feb to finish the job down the Merry Hill end of the Lane.

Next Litter Pick…

Posted: January 27, 2022 by tidystourbridge in Litter

The next litter pick is on Sunday 6th Feb at 10am in Two Woods Lane Brierley Hill

Dunsley Road Clean Up

Posted: January 27, 2022 by tidystourbridge in Litter

On a not quite so cold morning we had another excellent pick at Dunsley Road.

With Doug’s considerable help we had to try something different to get the rubbish deposited down the bank along the pathway that leads to Ridgewood School, which was by using Doug’s ropes to abseil down to it then using the same ropes to bring the rubbish up.

Please see photos below (including before and after) of our operation performed by Doug, Dave and Dawn, Rachael, Tony, Helen and Roger. We also tidied-up near the back gates to the school and in total collected 12 large bags of rubbish, a deck chair, plastic chair, a compost bin (which Dave took for his garden), motor cycle wheel, kids bike and garden ornament