Tidy Stourbridge Christmas Party: Held on Sunday 17th December 2017

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With thanks to the Waggon & Horses, 31 Worcester Street, Stourbridge. DY8 1AW.

With many thanks to Graham for taking the photographs for us, and Maris for organising it for us.

We had a very enjoyable evening, and many thanks to those who were able to attend.


Well all that is left for me to say is thanks to all for all of the hard work that you have given this year.

Here is best of luck for 2018.



Well, what a great turn out for today. Our Volunteers for today were as follows:

Craig, Dawn, David, Garry, Geoff, Tony, Sophie, Roger, Colin, Doug, Graham, Vanessa, Rachael.

Parts of the estate were so clear of rubbish it was as if a team of willing helpers had been and cleared an area as if they were Elves.                                                                                  But the same could not be said for other areas.

Some was disgusting with Dog Poo mess not even in bags. While trying to clear it up – you could not help but tread in it. Some of the group found it on their shoes and had to wipe their shoes several times.

We had a total of 30 Bags collected. Some was very heavy to move. On a soaking wet day, we were not too pleased. Even with protective clothing and footwear, we were soaked some of us. It was a very hard litter pick.



Me, the invisible one, taking a photo of Graham – taking a photo of the group.

After this litter pick was done, a collection of rubbish was dumped over garden fences into the bushes along the side of Hillfields Road.



The photos show the extent of the rubbish over the side fence.



The above two shots show the relationship to the road if joined together.


It’s a shame that this happens and let us just hope that things start to improve.




That is it for 2017 Litter picking wise as the next event to note will be our Christmas Party  on Sunday 17th December, at The Waggon & Horses, 31 Worcester Street, Stourbridge, DY8 1AW.

Can I thank every one who has helped this year, and for all help and support from the Local Community.

The next Litter Pick will be Sunday 7th January 10:00am 2018.

At Mcdonalds/KFC, Mill Race Lane, Stourbridge, DY8 1YP.


Sunday 19th November 2017: Time: 10:00 am – 13:00pm. Brook Crescent, Wollescote,  DY9 – 9BE.



DSCN6164 (2)

Above photo taken by Cllr Tim Crumpton. (Thank you!)



The tally of bags today was difficult to make a record of as bags had been covered by other items.

We also had collected from another area of which a record of that will be added later. The location for this opposite Sensall Road where it had been collected.

To be honest we could have  worked for several hours extra – but most of his have other lives to get on with. Fly tipped builders rubbish, bottles, cans, food packaging, sweet wrappers, plastic bottles.



DSCN6170 (2)

As you can see, a variety of rubbish. We look foreword to the day when litter is no longer a problem. Come on folks, help us out and take your litter to your own bin. ( Not every one is bad I know as we have some wonderful folk in our community.)



This was too much to take back to Brook Crescent so it was collected at this point.

DSCN6172 (2)

Above: Name of Road where left.



Photo taken by Craig.


Photo taken by Craig showing differing angles of the collection.



Tim and Roger looking at the waste.


David offering advice about our Christmas Party due soon. It’s booked. Yay!!

DSCN6165 (2)

Photo kindly taken by Cllr Tim Crumpton. ( So I am on this. )

1 x Compacter bag of crushed cans. 1 x Single mattress, 1 x Double Mattress, At least 3 x Vehicle tyres, 2 x Metal Buckets, Various sizes of plastic buckets, childs car,  1 x Garden chair,  Huge giant sized black plastic drum (?),.

Our next Litter pick will be: Sunday 3rd of December 2017 at 10:00 am. Trinity Road, Amblecote, DY8 4LZ.

Sunday 17th December 2017: 7:30pm – Christmas Party, The Waggon and Horses, 31 Worcester Street, Stourbridge, DY8 1AW. ( Bring it on! )

Any one wishing to join our happy band of Litter pickers – then we would be delighted to see you. At this time of year warm clothes and sensible shoes are essential.








Whoosh, Whizz, Bang!. Yes Bonfire Night tonight – but  quite a few folks celebrated last night, as the evidence of many rocket sticks told the tale.


Todays eager and willing volunteers were: Garry, Graham, Maris, Helen, Colin, Sarah, David C, Sophie, Geoff, Roger, Pat, Andy, Doug, Tony, Dave, Dawn, Craig and Rachael.

Again we split up and went in differing directions. The aim is to clear as much of an area as we can, but we can never have the time to cover it all.

The Oakfield Centre very kindly let us leave the rubbish ready for collection.

The area that was covered had differing types of rubbish – so not all areas are the same as to what is collected. Sweet wrappers, crisp packets, fast food packaging, drink bottles, firework remains, cans. See below. We collected a rubbish bin full of crushed cans.


This is just part of the collection of cans.


Another bin full of litter to dismantle.



28 Bags of rubbish.

1 x Large plastic shelf, 2 x bundles of Yellow Pages phone directories, 1 x car tyre, 1 x part of a bike, 1 x battery charger, 1 x child’s play tent, 1/2 a car bumper, 1 x sleeping bag, 1 x blanket, 1 x garden chair, 1 x garden chair frame, 1 x bottom of a road cone, 1 x sign.

Please see below:

I came across the following watch on Old Barn Road.                                                             The overall length is about 10 inches

If any one has lost this watch then please contact this Number. 01384 893167. Leave your full name, address and contact phone number.


As I walked through the trees I could hear the wind whispering through the leaves. Branches sway from side to side, twisting and turning.

The soft forest floor beneath my feet lay silent upon my tread. A dog scampered by set free from it’s leash in search of mysteries still to unfold.

Snap of a branch, the flap of birds wings as it swoops for it’s prey.

I look upwards and am in awe of the beauty as the magic of the trees open up their canopy to gently let the sun stream through it’s leaves and branches to fan out in columns the sun’s beams of dappled light.

A dormouse silently weaves a home from the abundance that nature has left behind.

Breath In; Breath out; Breath in; Breath out; I open my eyes!

Sorry, sorry, just having a day dream –

So back to today’s litter pick. Reality time:


Thanks to todays volunteers: Craig, Roger, Geoff, Matt, Dawn, David, Sarah, Doug, Tony, Helen, Garry, Rachael, Sophie, Andy, Pat.

Firstly, I should just like to mention how lovely it was to have a gentleman while out walking donate £5.00 towards the petrol money. He said that when he is out walking his child to school it gets him really cross to see the litter that people leave behind. He makes a point of clearing up the area around where he lives. He was so grateful to see us out and helping the community. Well the £5.00 was given to our Treasurer and has been paid into the account.

We noticed many walkers out and about who were all appreciative of our efforts.

One conversation was about the Brambles. In general we do have conservation in mind, but sometimes when bottles, cans, wrappers are trapped behind the brambles – we have no option but to snip some of the branches in order to retrieve the rubbish. We leave roots in place. We are not out to damage the environment.

As a group we are all  aware of the excess litter everywhere.

Pic 1.

Pic 2.

Thank you Craig for these.

Pic 3


We had two areas for the rubbish collected. Lowndes Road and Bradley Road.




1 X Fridge, 1 x Bike, Assorted plastic items. 14 Bags of rubbish.

Bradley Road collection point below:



Above: Photo by Rachael.


Above: Photo by Rachael.

Pic 4

Above: Photo by Craig.

Pic 5

Above photo by Craig.

2 x Tyres, 1 x Pallet, 1 X empty container of fence colouring. Trellis, 1 x old blind, Concrete coping slabs x 4, Old carpet, old kitchen unit door fronts, 6 x bags of litter, Bags of Builders Sand – difficult to count at this point.

As you can see we were all very busy today.

Now, back to my Mindfulness.

Breath in

Breath out!






The aim of this get together was to do a combined clean up of the park at Trinity Fields, Amblecote.

The photographs were taken by one of the Parents of the scouts.

They all did an amazing job and we are very grateful to them, being the boy and girls scouts, the Parents and the Scout leaders.

From Tidy Stourbridge thanks to Roger, Doug and Rachael, with the help of Sophie too who we met up with afterwards.


Thanks also to the lovely assistance of our four legged friend.

More to follow.


1x Trolley of which were filled with Newspapers found by one of the group.

1 x Childs bike, 1 x Car part belonging to an exhaust, 1 x Rear car parcel shelf, Miscellaneous large plastic item, 7 x Large bags of Rubbish, 1 x blue umbrella.



Graham’s Photos.  I like it when Graham visits and takes some photos.



Graham’s photo of Tony with a collection of bags found with in the litter picking area.


Another of Graham’s photos. As you can see, not a pretty sight to behold.




With thanks to todays Tidy Stourbridge Volunteers.

The above photo was from the second location. DY8 5AJ.

This consisted of 1 x bike. 1 x childs scooter, 21 Bags of rubbish, 1 x 25litre plastic drum. 1 x large bag of cans.

Sarah, David C, Doug, Vanessa, Tony, Maggie, Graham, Colin, Rachael, Geoff, Sophie.


2 locations today for the  collection. Photo 1.


Photo 2 .


Photo 3. The three photos from the same location.

More photos to follow.