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The Litter Pick at Swan Lane/ Swanfield  Road.

It was a good turn out with 16 large bags collected plus 4/5 Red Traffic Cones, although a load of rubbish was found later on by the One Stop Shop which was too much for us to do anything about at that time.

Attendees who did an excellent job considering the hot weather were David C, Sophie, Roger, Dave and Dawn, Alun, Gary, Adrian, Doug, Pat and Andy and Judith.


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Found too late by the One Stop Shop.



To carry on from where we left off over the winter.  It was a very hot humid evening with hardly any air at all.  We were to clear rubbish from the top of a steep bank which was tinder dry.

We had all sorts of flies to contend with to add to the joy of the evening.

It was lovely to see two new faces to help us on the evening. Adrian and Moon. Thank you so much for your help.


We felt like we were in the tropics.


Todays volunteers were as follows: Rachael, Geoff, Adrian, Moon, Garry, Sophie, David Colley, Dawn, David, Allun


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14 Bags of rubbish, 1 x Armchair and general pile of rubbish.


Stourbridge Carnival Litter Pick

Posted: July 4, 2018 by tidystourbridge in Litter

We are taking part in a extra litter pick from 10am on Sunday 8th July from Macdonalds Car Park on The Ring Road. The area covered will be mainly inside the town centre with the handover of a cheque from Waitrose and their community token scheme around 1115/1130am.


The eager beavers for this evening were:   Roger, David C,  Allun, Doug, Geoff, Tony, Judith, Sophie, Pat, Andy, Rachael.

We split up so that we could cover the most ground.  We seemed to encounter lots of very small sweep papers and at one area a multitude of Lucozade Bottles. Several Fish and chip type wraps.

Several lovely people engaged in conversation while we were out. It’s always a pleasure to stop and chat to the locals. Mind you one gentleman was from Netherton.


We collected 16 Sacks of rubbish. One of the bundles which you can’t see was a bundle of Chronicle Newspapers.



Here is Andi not hidden by a Lamp post.

The Ashwood Inn which is also a Community Centre were very good and let us park in their carpark. When we returned after the pick some interesting music and singing could be heard coming from the Community room.

So if you are not too Sunburnt we will see you at the next litter pick by Tidy Stourbridge.



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Easier than normal….

Posted: June 11, 2018 by tidystourbridge in Litter

Wynall Lane and Wassell Grove Lane was our meet up point on Wednesday 6th June 2018. This was to be one of our easier evenings as litter was difficult to find on the Bromsgrove District Council side of the border, yet the Dudley MBC side was not so good and most of this litter pictured came from Wynall Lane.34907786_10156056450932702_3242796897999519744_n

Tidy Stourbridge Raffle Result

Posted: June 2, 2018 by tidystourbridge in Litter

Good Morning all,

Last night we held the raffle during a lovely meal that Sophie very kindly organised at Bombay Pickles in Lower High Street, Stourbridge. ( Many Thanks Sophie for organising and recommending the venue!!)

It was a lovely evening and the food and service was superb.

During the course of the evening the raffle took place, and the results were as follows.

  1. SARAH – Bottle of Pimms
  2. Garry 1/2 Bottle of Cognac
  3. DAWN – Afternoon Tea for 2 at Red House Glass Cone
  4. VAL – Bottle of Gin
  5. VANESSA – 8 Cans of Bud Light + Bottle of beer.

Altogether we made £150.20 on the night.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the raffle and to Sophie for organising the evening.



Can I (Rachael) please ask for anyone to come foreword at our next Litter pick – Wednesday 6th June 7.00pm  – Wynall Lane South / Wassell Grove Lane, Wollescote    DY9 9JP ( Not suitable for young children)

For the above can we have a willing person to take some photo opportunity shots to put on the website as I am unable to attend. Can someone also please note down the names of everyone who attends.

Many thanks. Rachael.


Hope you all have a good day on Wednesday.