Cycle Route 54

Posted: June 11, 2019 by tidystourbridge in Litter

Last Wednesday (5th June) we litter picked in Penfields around the Bredon & Penfields Roads area and where we’re pleased to say that the area was better than usual. We did however discover down the footpath from Penfields Road to the High Street a considerable amount of rubbish we couldn’t get at and we agreed to revisit this area in the 2019/20 Winter.

Some of the rubbish we did find wasn’t easy to extract but our usual ingenuity prevailed and we managed to get hold of the rubbish by using Dave’s towing rope.

Penfields Rubbish.jpgPenfields TS Team.jpgOverall our team of 13 – David, Alun, Doug, Vanessa, Moon, Adrian, Colin, Gary, Sophie, Simon, Sarah, Judith and Roger – collected 7 large compactor sacks worth, a large tyre, a builders heavy duty cover, slab and building materials, a large case and part of a trolley.


Thank You

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Can we thank all of the volunteers (All Yellow Army members too) of the Li’l Happy Cafe for their donation of £40.00 to Tidy Stourbridge from the sales of tea and coffee at the Parkrun every Saturday morning at The Dell Stadium.

Pop in to watch the running and have a cuppa from 9am and ask for a cappuccino especially.59456912_10157278270888874_8423277547243962368_n.jpg

Mill Race Lane Improvement

Posted: May 30, 2019 by tidystourbridge in Litter
Mill Race Lane was not as bad as normal on Thursday 23rd May but as usual our team didn’t have too much trouble finding what rubbish was there and it was also good to see litter bins outside the Kids Play Buildings. Our team of 13 collected enough rubbish to fill 12 of our large compactor sacks plus 2 traffic cones and one wheel. Thanks to David, Alun, Vanessa, Doug, Judith, Sophie, Rachael, Pat, Andy, Alison, Tony, Colin and Roger for this haul of goodies.
Two weeks ago we ran our Spring Raffle to boost our funds and we made £151 largely thanks to our sponsors Rachael, Alison, Sophie and Joan who provided the prizes. A BIG thank you to everyone who bought tickets to make this such a successful raffle and our 10 winners were – Dawn, Tim, Jan, Doug, Julie, Tom, Colin, Vanessa, Alun and Alison. On top of this we also had a very generous donation from Maris, so our finances are now in a better shape to replace some of our equipment and help us with our other running expenses.
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Pedmore Lane Is Bog Standard

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Another truly incredible effort by the team last night in Pedmore Lane particularly after such a wet cold day. A great turnout of 17 volunteers collecting rubbish that filled 31 of our large compactor sacks, 8 tyres, 1 black wheelie bin without a lid, a ceramic toilet complete with lid, various items of clothing, a road sign, loads of plastics plus 8 compactor sacks of rubbish collected from near Wollescote Park.
This fantastic effort included a number of the team getting in the brook that runs alongside Pedmore Lane to pull out the tyres, bottles and numerous black bags where fly-tippers particular like dropping their rubbish so it’s hidden from easy view from the road. Most of this rubbish had been decaying for well over 12 months so the smell was horrendous but our team of Gary, Colin, David, Dawn, Dave, Curtis, Craig, Matt, Rachael, Sophie, Tony, Helen, Adrian, Jan, Roger, newcomer Charlotte and a welcome return from New Zealand (even though only temporary) from Lee, made sure it was a very successful evening.UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_268e.jpg

We are ON Tonight.

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Good pm, I’m happy that the chance of rain has now decreased this evening to around 50% so we are ON.

Colin reported back about the rubbish at Wassell Grove and the worst spot is around the Gauden Road & Dobbins Oak Rd area. There is a parking area outside the Flats on Dobbins Oak Rd so the suggestion is that the meeting point is the corner of Gauden Road & Dobbins Oak Rd. Colin mentioned that we will need some traffic control in Dobbins Oak Rd because it is narrow and traffic can be quite fast moving. I’ll ask Craig if he could do traffic duty.

Also depending on the turnout Colin would like to take a couple of the team with him to clear up rubbish near Wollescote Park.

30 Years Of Rubbish In Cameo Dr. Bushes

Posted: April 26, 2019 by tidystourbridge in Litter
More brilliant work by our group last night in and around King William St where we picked-up another large amount of rubbish. This mess was cleared by our team of 18 – Dawn, Dave, Gary, Pat, Andy, David, Doug, Sophie, Ellen, Tom, Tony, Peter, Curtis, Rachael, Alison, Vanessa, Roger and local resident Ian.
This was an excellent turnout for our first meeting on our Summer Schedule which involved a lot of the rubbish trapped in the hedgerows and difficult to remove. We filled 20 of our large compactor sacks, found a kids bike, traffic cone, 2 tyres and the usual loads of plastic and metal.
We’re also running our Great Spring Raffle with some fabulous prises including 12 & 18 year old malt whisky, brandy plus bottles of wine etc. The tickets are now on sales so please tell your friends as the proceeds are vital to enable us to cover our costs and buy some much needed equipment.   King William St Rubbish.jpgKing William St Team.jpg

Summer Is Here…

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We return to the streets this Thursday Evening from 7pm…

7pm Thursday 25 April 2019

King William Street Amblecote DY8 4HD