Birmingham Street Cleaned Yet Again

Posted: November 30, 2022 by tidystourbridge in Litter

Another tricky litter pick on Sunday morning with the rubbish spread on both sides of Birmingham Street from the Viaduct to the Ring Road.

The majority of the rubbish we collected was around The Gym Group car park, back and front of the Premier Inn, the walled area near the Ring Road and on the opposite side of the road where the houses over look Birmingham St.  

The team of Dave, Dawn, Jon F, Doug, Ivor, Tony, Helen, Dave W, Jan (incl Henry – apologies for missing you both off the photo below) and Roger did another excellent job collecting 20 bags of rubbish, pieces of plastic, 5 litre plastic tubs and a mattress (found by Ivor). Unfortunately the fly-tipping on the banks in front of the houses in Birmingham St (which is covered in small trees and shrubs) we couldn’t get to.

This has been reported to Dudley MBC Street Cleaning, but they don’t have any spare resources to clear this rubbish, therefore it’s probably for sometime in our 2023 litter picking schedule. Also the Drug Den we reported to the police in our last visit to Birmingham St is still there and this is being followed by local councillors.

It is very pleasing to report that we did get plenty of support from passing pedestrians and motorists while we were picking up this rubbish and one of the team from the Premier Inn came and thanked us with a box of Chocs which will be passed on to a local Food Bank. 

NB This was our last litter pick of 2022 and our first of 2023 will be on 8th January from Hawbush Community Centre, Brettell Lane starting at 10am.

Please note that we are also trying to organise a Christmas get together for the team at the Waggon and Horses, Worcester Street, Stourbridge to thank you for all for the your brilliant work this year. Therefore please make sure you don’t miss any messages from Dave C.   


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