Towns Namesake Is A Dumping Ground

Posted: April 5, 2022 by tidystourbridge in Litter

We found an incredible amount of fly-tipping today on the River Stour bank alongside Birmingham Street on Sunday 3rd April 2022 and the team did an exceptional job in clearing it all from one of the most challenging litter picks we’ve ever attempted. 

Our brilliant team of 12 was Dave and Dawn, Dave W, Rachael, Doug, John, Tony, Gary, Jennifer, Chris, newcomer Jan and Roger.

We collected 20 large black bags of rubbish, a large number of broken-up kitchen cupboard units, a large 3-seater sofa in 3 parts, traffic cone, an endless number of hifi bits and pieces, 4 large LCD TVs, heavy worktops, a vast quantity of metal and foam bits, a ceramic toilet (no seat), 2 headboards, part of a council bin and an off-white keep left bollard.

Due to the difficulty in getting at this rubbish and the amount, we finished at 1.30pm about 2 hours later than normal. The pictures show our team and apologies to John, Jennifer and Chris that we didn’t get them on the photos.

We had to abseil down the steep river bank (one photo shows the rubbish being hauled up the bank) to get at most of this fly-tipping and a BIG thank you to Doug for bring his climbing ropes and setting-up the pulley system. Also thanks to Dave and Dawn for their brilliant work on the river edge in sorting out the rubbish to be hauled-up. The last few photos show the river bank before and after clearance of the fly-tipping.

An extra special thanks to the Gentleman who lived in the Stepping Stones house over looking the road who bought us 2 flasks of coffee and one of hot chocolate plus biscuits and cups to sustain us in this mammoth effort – most generous and welcome.

Next meet is at the Robin Hood pub on Sunday (10th April) at 7pm for our Spring/Summer litter pick Planning Meeting – all volunteers welcome especially with any ideas where to pick over the next 4 months. 

  1. John Collins says:

    Superb work guys! Sorry I wasn’t around to help. Funnily enough I’ve joined a volunteer group that are working to clear pathways, do some planting and eventually will do a river walk in the summer to clear out the tyres etc that get dumped in the river. It’s organised by the Birmingham and Black Country Wildlife Trust and I’ll be with them tomorrow morning at 10.30am at the car park on Bagley Street. I’ve forwarded the post to Sally Clague and David Howard who are co-ordinating the project. I hope to join you again soon. John

  2. maureen bickerton says:

    We desperately need our tips to re open without cost or appointments so people can just drive in. It may not solve the entire problem but it will help.

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