Junction Road Dumping Ground

Posted: November 6, 2018 by tidystourbridge in Litter

This rubbish was mainly along the single track road that runs parallel to the railway track near the Bridge in Junction Rd. and also along the edge of the playing field. There was rubbish and fly-tipping in the ditches on the one side and then on the bank the other side which was similar to what we found on the bank at the end of Brook Crescent, Wollescote. Needless to say we couldn’t clear all the litter & fly-tipping but we made a good dent in it.

The team of Jan, Helen, Doug, Tony, Gary, Pat, Andy, Dawn and Roger were brilliant as usual. The collection included; 25 large sacks of rubbish, 1 shopping trolley, 1 large sheet of metal, kids toys and for the first time 2 very heavy traffic light management trolleys, plus loads of other odds & ends – a BUMPER CROP indeed.

Junction Rd Rubbish 1.jpgJunction Rd Rubbish 2.jpgJunction Rd Rubbish 3.jpgJunction Rd Team.jpg


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