Rubbish Collection Old Wharf Road

Posted: October 4, 2018 by tidystourbridge in Litter
In Old Wharf Road Amblecote we probably had our largest “one session” collection of rubbish we’ve ever had.
It’ll take the Council at least 2 lorry loads to shift it so we’re all exhausted. Our brilliant team (14) were – Tony, Pat, Andy, Ivor, Dave, Dawn, Vanessa, Alison, Doug, Moon, Adrian, Sophie, Sarah and Roger.
Below are photos of the rubbish, the site before we started and what it looked like afterwards. There’s at least 35 large sacks of rubbish, old tyres (incl. one from a lorry), 1 large oil drum full of oil, 1 shed and i rabbit (both dismantled) 4 traffic cones, 1 large gas canister, 3 mattresses, car seat, 3 fridge freezers, 2 large sports bags, large sheets of plastic, 1 large round table top, 2 bags of cans etc etc
3 - 11.jpg3 - 18.jpg3 - 16.jpg3 - 3 (2).jpg3 - 2 (2).jpg3 - 1 (9).jpg3 - 7.jpg3 - 6.jpg3 - 5.jpg3 - 4.jpg3 - 8.jpg3 - 15.jpg3 - 14.jpg3 - 13.jpg

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