Stourbridge Community Development Trust

Posted: July 30, 2018 by tidystourbridge in Litter
We are due an afternoon and evening out at Tidy Stourbridge so on Sunday 26th August from 4pm please join us to celebrate the good work of Stourbridge based charities and enjoy some live music over a few drinks.
“Here at Katie Fitzgeralds in Stourbridge we will be relaunching the pub as a community enterprise from the 1st of September
with a commitment to giving 1% of our turnover throughout the year to charity but we are also offering use of our facilities free of charge to all Community , charity and voluntary groups for fundraising activities . Certain days we will also be able to offer between 5 and 10% of the bar takings to certain charity events depending on numbers and the type of event.
This is part of our overall commitment to the community in these difficult times .
I have also recently formed the Stourbridge community development Trust which we are looking to try and bring as many voluntary groups and charities together informally to create a greater voice to their activities and hopefully to help people achieve their aims wherever possible . The Trust is also looking at the issue of homelessness and how we can help and is actively pursuing formation of a community Land Trust as part of our vision that Community led housing and energy efficiency can help alleviate energy poverty and help to energise the local economy.
On the 26th August we will be helping to celebrate 2 years of Vi woods work with Lesleys Care Packages which is both a celebration of her efforts and will also be raising funds and toiletries for her current appeal. There will be music from 4pm and it would be great if we could get as many people along as possible to show our support.
Other events we have are our Action 4 Animals day on the 5th Aug from 2pm which is a vegan BBQ raising money for Hillfields animal sanctuary and Candy Cane Rescue .  We also have an event on October 18th and 19th in support of Dudley Mind.
If you are interested in seeing what we do or meeting up why not come along to one of our events and show your support.”

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