Tidy Stourbridge tackle Jackson Street Car Park on Sunday 15th April 2018 from 10.00am till 11.30am

Posted: April 18, 2018 by tidystourbridge in Litter

30710354_10155930732412702_5901056890271432704_n - Copy

Well, not enough time today to get everything done. Hardly touched it, but non the less – this was what was collected.

Not bad for just one person. He does  have his  spinach you know, and six Weetabix. Ok, just kidding.

There were 12 of us today. David C, Roger, Helen, ( We have missed you Helen!) Pat, Andy, Sarah, Gary, Tony, Geoff, Doug, Cllr Vanessa W, former Mayor, Cllr Mohammed Hanif.

1 x Double Mattress, 2 x Single Mattress, 30 Bags of rubbish, 1 x Tyre, 10 x 2 .5 Litre Tins of paint, 3 very large plastic yoghurt buckets, 1 x Thomas the Tank baby walker, 2 x bags of crushed cans.

Photograph curtesy of David Colley, as I  was unwell.


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