Tidy Stourbridge on Tuesday 10th April 2018 from 6.30pm till 8.00pm.

Posted: April 12, 2018 by tidystourbridge in Calendar, Litter, PicknPint

Tidy Stourbridge came together with The Amblecote Labour Rose for a Community Litter Pick. We were asked if we could let them have use of our equipment for the Litter Pick.

We met at the lower Sainsbury’s car park opposite the Petrol Station, close to the fields.

Some of the Tidy Stourbridge who were available came along to help with the process.

To Sainsbury’s:

Could I please put a huge shout out to “Kay” a member of Sainsbury’s staff  who when one of Tidy Stourbridge members went into to see if they could please loan us some bags as we had run out, and they very generously donated them to which we were so Grateful for. Thank  You from all of us from Tidy Stourbridge.





Tidy Stourbridge Volunteers were as follows:  David Colley, Vanessa, Doug, Craig, Roger, Alun, Judith, Rachael. Other volunteers from the community were as follows:  H, Terry, Aidan, Peter, Julie, Gaye, Chris B, Neil, Jon, Jan W, Jim, Sheila, Dave Gattey, Jan & Fred, Margaret and Martin, 




We had collected about 40 Bags + of rubbish. This was on a cold and damp evening. It is so lovely when we manage to have help from the community.  Many of the  people we encounter seem to be under the impression that we get paid for what we do. We do not – it is all voluntary. We have to pay for all of our equipment. We are a Not for Profit group.  One conversation over heard  from some passers by said they would not do anything for under £25. 00 per hour! So that speaks volumes I think.



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