Tidy Stourbridge with Litter Pickers at the ready at: The Oakfield Centre, Hawbush, Brettel Lane, Brierley Hill, DY5 3LT. Time: 10.00am – 12.45: Sunday 5th November 2017.

Posted: November 13, 2017 by tidystourbridge in Litter

Whoosh, Whizz, Bang!. Yes Bonfire Night tonight – but  quite a few folks celebrated last night, as the evidence of many rocket sticks told the tale.


Todays eager and willing volunteers were: Garry, Graham, Maris, Helen, Colin, Sarah, David C, Sophie, Geoff, Roger, Pat, Andy, Doug, Tony, Dave, Dawn, Craig and Rachael.

Again we split up and went in differing directions. The aim is to clear as much of an area as we can, but we can never have the time to cover it all.

The Oakfield Centre very kindly let us leave the rubbish ready for collection.

The area that was covered had differing types of rubbish – so not all areas are the same as to what is collected. Sweet wrappers, crisp packets, fast food packaging, drink bottles, firework remains, cans. See below. We collected a rubbish bin full of crushed cans.


This is just part of the collection of cans.


Another bin full of litter to dismantle.



28 Bags of rubbish.

1 x Large plastic shelf, 2 x bundles of Yellow Pages phone directories, 1 x car tyre, 1 x part of a bike, 1 x battery charger, 1 x child’s play tent, 1/2 a car bumper, 1 x sleeping bag, 1 x blanket, 1 x garden chair, 1 x garden chair frame, 1 x bottom of a road cone, 1 x sign.

Please see below:

I came across the following watch on Old Barn Road.                                                             The overall length is about 10 inches

If any one has lost this watch then please contact this Number. 01384 893167. Leave your full name, address and contact phone number.



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