‘Mindfulness’ Litter pick for Tidy Stourbridge: Sunday 22nd October from 10:00am until 11:30am at The Lion Surgery, Lowndes Road, Stourbridge. DY8 3SS.

Posted: October 25, 2017 by tidystourbridge in Litter

As I walked through the trees I could hear the wind whispering through the leaves. Branches sway from side to side, twisting and turning.

The soft forest floor beneath my feet lay silent upon my tread. A dog scampered by set free from it’s leash in search of mysteries still to unfold.

Snap of a branch, the flap of birds wings as it swoops for it’s prey.

I look upwards and am in awe of the beauty as the magic of the trees open up their canopy to gently let the sun stream through it’s leaves and branches to fan out in columns the sun’s beams of dappled light.

A dormouse silently weaves a home from the abundance that nature has left behind.

Breath In; Breath out; Breath in; Breath out; I open my eyes!

Sorry, sorry, just having a day dream –

So back to today’s litter pick. Reality time:


Thanks to todays volunteers: Craig, Roger, Geoff, Matt, Dawn, David, Sarah, Doug, Tony, Helen, Garry, Rachael, Sophie, Andy, Pat.

Firstly, I should just like to mention how lovely it was to have a gentleman while out walking donate £5.00 towards the petrol money. He said that when he is out walking his child to school it gets him really cross to see the litter that people leave behind. He makes a point of clearing up the area around where he lives. He was so grateful to see us out and helping the community. Well the £5.00 was given to our Treasurer and has been paid into the account.

We noticed many walkers out and about who were all appreciative of our efforts.

One conversation was about the Brambles. In general we do have conservation in mind, but sometimes when bottles, cans, wrappers are trapped behind the brambles – we have no option but to snip some of the branches in order to retrieve the rubbish. We leave roots in place. We are not out to damage the environment.

As a group we are all  aware of the excess litter everywhere.

Pic 1.

Pic 2.

Thank you Craig for these.

Pic 3


We had two areas for the rubbish collected. Lowndes Road and Bradley Road.




1 X Fridge, 1 x Bike, Assorted plastic items. 14 Bags of rubbish.

Bradley Road collection point below:



Above: Photo by Rachael.


Above: Photo by Rachael.

Pic 4

Above: Photo by Craig.

Pic 5

Above photo by Craig.

2 x Tyres, 1 x Pallet, 1 X empty container of fence colouring. Trellis, 1 x old blind, Concrete coping slabs x 4, Old carpet, old kitchen unit door fronts, 6 x bags of litter, Bags of Builders Sand – difficult to count at this point.

As you can see we were all very busy today.

Now, back to my Mindfulness.

Breath in

Breath out!






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