Tidy Stourbridge Sunday 8th October 2017 at Kinver Street, Wordsley .DY8 5AJ

Posted: October 8, 2017 by tidystourbridge in Litter



Graham’s Photos.  I like it when Graham visits and takes some photos.



Graham’s photo of Tony with a collection of bags found with in the litter picking area.


Another of Graham’s photos. As you can see, not a pretty sight to behold.




With thanks to todays Tidy Stourbridge Volunteers.

The above photo was from the second location. DY8 5AJ.

This consisted of 1 x bike. 1 x childs scooter, 21 Bags of rubbish, 1 x 25litre plastic drum. 1 x large bag of cans.

Sarah, David C, Doug, Vanessa, Tony, Maggie, Graham, Colin, Rachael, Geoff, Sophie.


2 locations today for the  collection. Photo 1.


Photo 2 .


Photo 3. The three photos from the same location.

More photos to follow.




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