Tidy Stourbridge:Venue Tesco Express, Platts Road, Amblecote, DY84YR

Posted: June 30, 2016 by tidystourbridge in Litter, News

The evening started with the old spit spots of rain just as we were getting all of the equipment together. It looked like it would set in at one point – but it did not – at least not too much.

We were delighted to see such a turn out of support.

Cllr Paul Bradley asked if he could join us for the evening to see how we operated and as to what it was all about. He seemed rather delighted to see we were well organised.

We either went in pairs or went in our own different directions depending if any of us had anywhere specifically in mind.

The litter collected this week were the same types. Not as much by way of large items I am happy to report. It consisted of sweet wrappers, drink cans, small spirit bottles, many cigarette buts, fast food containers, plastic bottles, 2 tyres, 1 traffic cone, 20 Bags of litter.

So not a bad day, but most of the litter was quite small.

We were 14 Volunteers in all and 30 Martians, as Tim Peek could not make it.! (Sorry just testing to see if you are all still awake.)

**Saturday 2nd July at 9.00am we will be in Llangattock, Powys NP8 with the Llangattock Litterpickers.. ( An early start of 7.30am from the 10 Arches in Stourbridge..)

Otherwise, the next Litter pick for Tidy Stourbridge, will be Wednesday 6th July 7.00 pm, Corbett Hospital, John Corbett Drive, Amblecote, DY8 4BJ.

See you soon.


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