Canal Street Revisited.

Posted: April 10, 2014 by tidystourbridge in Litter, News, PicknPint


It was the first Pick & Pint of the summer season and as with previous years the first litter pick started slightly earlier than normal at 6:30 rather than the usual 7:00pm to take advantage of the available light.

The team of volunteers had previously collected litter from the area by the Bonded Warehouse in the winter season but unfortunately did not have the time to complete the task. So it was decided that a second visit would be required before the undergrowth hid all the litter that had been discarded by a few inconsiderate individuals.

Although it was the second visit within a few months the Tidy Stourbridge team of volunteers, Andy, Pat, Graham, Colin, Dave, Sophie and Craig, managed to collect 10 large bags of general litter one large sack of glass bottles and three large sacks of crushed cans that are kindly sorted into steel and Aluminium by Alun Nicholas of Amcanu’n Uchel Ltd. and weighed in, with all proceeds going to Living Spring, Tidy Stourbridge’s chosen charity. Thanks also goes out to Colin for recycling the glass gathered by the team.

Whilst we are acknowledging people’s contributions we would like to thank Dave Colley from Clent View Carriers for arranging the collection of the litter gathered by the group and Trish from Storage King Dudley for storing and delivering the litter picking equipment.

Map picture

The team will be collecting people’s discarded rubbish from the Lye by-pass area Wednesday 23rd April 2014 at 7:00pm. Meeting at the Jackson Street car park DY9 8HE More importantly we will be having a drink at the Windsor Castle Pub Lye Cross

Everyone is welcome to join us, just look for the group of people with yellow tabards. If previous visits to this area are anything to go on the more people the better.

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